Joe Hisaishi in Budokan - One Summer’s Day (Spirited Away) ft.Ayaka Hira…

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Fight! from Marc James Roels on Vimeo.

Trailer for the ‘2013 Festival National du Film d’Animation’

Directed by Emma De Swaef & Marc James Roels

Organised by AFCA in partnership with the city of Bruz, Le Grand Logis, Office of Tourism.
With support from Rennes Métropole, Le Conseil Regional de Brétagne, DRAC Bretagne, DDCSPP, Sacem and SACD.


Five Stages Of Inebriation, ca.1863-1868 / Photographer Charles Percy Pickering

Stage 1: The Sober Stage

Stage 2: The Buzz

Stage 3: The Party Stage

Stage 4: The Downfall

Stage 5: Regret

Dated from period of Pickering’s location at 612 George Street
The photographs illustrate drunkenness in five stages, played by a male subject in a studio. Possibly commissioned by a local temperance group for educative purposes, the photographs may also have been used by an engraver for illustrations. The penultimate frame of the drunk in a wheelbarrow resembles S.T. Gill’s watercolour ‘Ease without Opulence’, 1863 (PXC 284/30). In 1866, NSW Premier James Martin introduced the Drunkard’s Punishment Bill — notes by Curator of Photographs, 2007. The printed studio mark on reverse reads “Photographic Artist. C. Pickering, 612 George Street, near Wilshire’s Buildings, Sydney”

Charles Percy Pickering / Via Flickr: statelibraryofnsw

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Klementyna Dmowska by Kamil Zacharski
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Cosmic Love (ACOUSTIC)

ARTISTFlorence And The Machine
ALBUMLungs (Special Box Set Edition) CD 3

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